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Thyroid Reviews

Thyroid Reviews

Imune algae complex experience, thyroid reviews






Makrainé Erika:

I've been taking Imune Algat for 2.5 months, all the existing symptoms of the overactive thyroid gland have disappeared, I just feel good !!!! And for a year I did not take methotyrin !! I'm happy!!!

Bokor Erna:

In 2007, I found that I have high blood pressure, I have to take medicines all my life. My "autoimmune" thyroid disease is first over-then under-activated. I was very skeptical about the algae and started taking it cautiously, raising the dose gradually. All of my medicines (gradually) I could stop. From Algae (IMUNE) 3x2 I'm taking it continuously and nothing else. My sleep needs decreased for 5-6 hours, my load capacity is much higher. the wristwatches between the thighs have also disappeared completely 2 months ago.

Ingrid Pálfi:

The results of my girlfriend on endocrinology improved some unit, the doctor wondered what he was doing. Imune, regularly, half a year ago.


Borbála Südi:

Thyroid dysfunction has been resolved, I have been taking algae since November, and I quit on Letrox and I do not have to take any antihypertensive measures. :-) - I've been losing 9 kg since November, taking algae and paying a little attention to my meals - my nurse, rheumatoid arthritis, takes a month of algae and reports a significant improvement - my girlfriend takes algae for a month, is more energetic and her sleepwear has ceased .

Anikó Petrik:

My cousin Marika's eyesight also improved, she put on the glasses, her thyroid gland was healed by dr. She said she did not have such a good result even though she had been taking medicines for years

Gyöngyi Pástiné:

A 70-year-old woman to my acquaintance with 1 drum of algae was good for the thyroid gland and her hairdresser asked her what she was doing because her hair was stronger and more rich.

Éva Várhidi:

Half-dose thyroid overdosage drug dose was reduced by half as a result of algae (4 days a day)! - Older warts can be detached from algae.

Mariann and Miklós

    - Since January I have been tested for my thyroid problem by Letrox 100 PERFORMED (for my own sake). The TSH was 9, Letrox was raised to 125, which I did not switch. The T4 is perfect 0.84. Today's TSH is 5.55, which I've been attracting to, yes, I'm just thinking of a 5, but I'm very happy and I'm working on it! My feeling is very good, compared to the patients (unfortunately I have seen more people after surgery, everyone looked worse than before !!!) Thank you very much for your help !!!

    - It's a fantastic experience when one of my high school girlfriends (43 years old) happily reports to her mother how to find her. She is eating alga, too - the doctor does not want to believe what we are really crazy about.

    "My same girlfriend said that her 2-year-old little sister, who has been wise since September, will recover from all the wise illnesses without complication in 2-3 days, because she can go to wisdom because there are no serious symptoms

    - The 3-year-old was hit by something, or he got into his leg and was badly injured. We did not breathe, we just added 1 algae daily, extracted First + from our own. Within 3 weeks, WITHOUT EDUCATION he was completely in the right position !!!! After a few days of treatment, he kept the paw, at the beginning he almost disbanded us, but he really feels we want to help him.




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