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Taking complexum of Imune algae

Aggregate collection of Imune algae:


The recommended daily volume is 6 pieces, divided by the time of day: morning, midday, afternoon 3 x 2

Gradually raise the dose 3 x 2

Why is it necessary to take over?

There are four types of quality algae species in Imune.

- Spirulina

- Chlorella

- Lithothamnium

- Haematococcus Pluvilal Algae (Astaxanthin Antioxidant).

They are effective each and every one, so they support each other to have an effective effect on the body. See Imune algae experiences

Needed for detoxification!

Chlorella alga gets into the body in places where other substances are not very capable. This is why it can also help people suffering from stomach ache, but also in many diseases that are resolved during detoxification and purification


Release Daily Dose:

2 x 1 -  1 week

3 x 1 -  2 weeks

2 x 2 -  3 weeks

2 x 2 + 1 - week 4

3 x 2 -  5 weeks

3 x 2 until the box contents run out.



For children:

Daily portion:

From 1 year old to 2 years old: Half a portion, even half.

One piece of capsule is dissected, in powder form. This dose is halved, half the dose is taken half.

From 2 years - 3 years: 1 capsule half. Half capsule.

From 3 years -  8 years: 1 capsule

From 8 years  - 13 years: 2 capsules

Form 13 years - 18 years: 3 capsules



Children contribute greatly to the development of the immune system.


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Daily water volume: