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Lung, respiratory illnesses

Lung, respiratory illnesses

Imune algae complex experiences with lung, asthma, croup, respiratory opinions






Mariann Szabó and Miklós

    "The same old lady said today that alga is as energetic as ever, and that skeptical husband also sees it and admits

    - My husband was on pulmonology check today, and good lung capacity, scarring. It is thanks to a one and a half years of algae taking, POCD has not been taking medicines since January, with a doctor's approval

Aunt Gizi

Thank you very much thank you, Mr. Dr., that you have sent me the Alga to the husband who has taken 16 boxes of algae in 1.5 years, and since then you do not have to run to the doctor for not breathing because you have solved your problem

Anikó Petrik

Laci's brother, who in December last thought it was the end, because he had a problem with his lung and did not breathe. Every month from January, 1 box of algae is consumed and Thanks to Imune, it feels good.


I've been eating alga for 1 month, I got my smell back in the first week, and I did not feel anything for 3 years.

Éva Várhidi

My neighbor's son Roli has been taking algae since she was 2 years old, she has allergies and kruppos attacks, she is very good at school, I'm very proud of him (I wrote about it in my book Jóisten zöld bogyó) - I left the half marl of dili berries in 4 years , which was poisoned, received dili injection, + sugar + hypertension medications for 26 years every month and succeeded in failing to pack my pulp after eating.

Dr. Tibor Kovács

 Here is the allergy season, many pollen allergic patients are unhappy, hay fever, asthma ... without medication, of course I have been doing this for 6 years!

A. Irma

    - Thank you for the wonderful exhaustive lecture and I can only support the effects that have been said since, with several good effects, my husband has chronic rheumatoid arthritis


    "I've been taking algae for four years since I have no influenza symptoms since.



Transplanted, patients are not recommended to use Imune algae because of their strong immune enhancing effect!



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