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Diabetes reviews

Diabetes reviews

Imune algae complex - diabetes reviews





Magdi Horváth:

 I'm 81, I've been drinking alga for half a year, my blood pressure, my thyroid gland, my headache, my osteoporosis.

Zoltán Frigyesy:

For the fifth year, I take the IMUNE capsule at a 3X2 daily dose. I'm not taking anymore for diabetes, hypertension, cholesterol and dietary supplements. During this time I lost 19 pounds as a side effect. With my wife we ​​are over 4 basic and 1 advanced level GNM course. My reversals have passed and I can report more positive effects.

Éva Várhidi:

 In 4 years I left the half-handed dilibogy that poisoned me, I received dili injection, + sugar + hypertension medications for 26 years every month and successfully missed my pussy training after eating


Piroska Gulyás:

 My partner intensively uses 2 x 3-ounce algae almost the second day and we are measuring the sugar this morning, which is already a child, the result was 5.6! :)

Posted by Evelin:

My dad takes 3 a day for a year, a diabetic, does not keep your diet, and your doctor has taken your dose again. - The other experience is in the course of the course. I resolved my more than 10 years of psychological problems, mystery conflicts and my complaint. Thanks!!!! "And again, feedback, pain reduction has already worked for me and my partner

Csengeri Zsolt:

Experience: approx. Six months ago 6 algae: Cholesterol from 9.5 to 7.0 - Triglyceride from 3.4 to 2.1 - Sugar decreased from 7.2 to 5.3.

Mariann Szabóné

 Debrecen: - Debrecen training: My husband's level of blood glucose 24.6 with algae + vegetable turkey Half a dose of medicine with several months of average 5.8-6.1 and a lot of training. Do not be afraid to take "medicine" - My 80-year-old mother feels eating 9 algae a day and is not typical and he works actively 8 to 10 hours a day. "Because of my inflammation, my dentist was not able to fix the throat for a long time, the doctor also saw it last year, since then he has also recommended it. - When I met osteoporosis, the doctor was surprised by the best, said he was 18 years old and 55 years old

Börgöndi Antal:

 2.5 years ago we take algae, in the family tumor, hypertension, allergy healed, insulin sugar only takes 1 tablet, better strength, calm sleep, arthritis healing.

Anikó Petrik:

 Ildikó's mom is sugary, 2 boxes of immune, shelf 24 dropped 7 to 8

Little Red Riding Hood:

 The feet of my pacifier were very badly vomit, they were fired, even worse. 3 weeks of eating 3x2 algae, she looks nice back, apparently. She has left the evening sugar drug and feels good, but it's still tiring.

Barnáné Marika:

I take alga from August and my sugar concentrates are better and what's fine, I'll eat it!

Klára Diós:

 Daily 6 algae, lots of fine-tuned water, conflict resolution, quality nutritious food, enough movement: a doctor says a high sugar level is a thing of the past. Healthy, Conscious Nice Life :)

Erzsébet Várdai:

After half a year I have good sugar levels without drugs, I'm more vital. SM patient is familiar with me, runs, cycles, "breast cancer" patients have decreased tumor size, do not need to work, insulin resistant, we go without medicine and heal others.


Our dog could not walk on his leg, he got algae for 2 months and he jumps and runs. My sister's blood sugar level has normalized from alga and I'm fine.

Anikó Petrik:

The 80-year-old aunt is sugar. about 2 months ago algae consuming, but during dr. he cut off his thumb, because the wound did not heal, but now it is scarred and the wound healed. Her daughter had good results in osteoporosis, but she took two chips again this week because she wanted to operate her thyroid, but she protested. the 92-year-old uncle consumes algae for half a year, he has had a lot of improvement, he has a pure urine / catheter, has become appetite - he is self-indulgent, walking alone, sleeping in the night, getting up every hour.

Anikó Petrik:

My friend Ica's husband yesterday said that ALGA is really good, she has been taking it for 1 month and the 24 candy has been 6-7. Insulin stacked on a daily level of 4 x, but lowered, 1x sting!

Tibor Margot Margin:

I took the Algat for 3 months, lost 10 pounds, became more active, my worms faded and ran out of my baby's eyes. My blood sugar levels have decreased and my cholesterol level is low. Thanks!



Transplanted, patients are not recommended to use Imune algae because of their strong immune enhancing effect!

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