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Arthritis Reviews

Arthritis Reviews

Imune algae complex experiences, arthritis reviews






Mariann Szabó and Miklós


    - Thyroid function was a weak stool for 4-5 days a day, but nowadays several times a day we do not come back with the 3 algae in the morning!

    - Both of us experience that the knees are the first pain for the first time (for me the left and then the right knee are a left-handed woman) and then they disappear nicely. Now weekly, we have a Meridian tournament in our group. We have completed 2 courses and we are very thankful to you, Kares and Réka !!!

    "My 81-year-old mother said at Easter that the great preparation for her helped him a lot in the algae, even 6 caps per day! He was able to work all day! We are very happy for him.

Gyöngyi Pástiné

    - Algae + course my joints improve, faded head glutinous, gluten-free diet is a thing of the past, it does not cause any problems, it's a silence, iron deficiency is resolved, I'm fine

    - A familiar family takes the algae, daddy has good blood pressure, daughter has lost the urge to nudge, her grandmother's 86-year-old relieved her leg

Emese Sallós

    - I was born in 1940/77 years / decades I have knees on my knees, I have been taking algae 2x3 every day for 2 years, now I'm down the stairs, sleeping 6 hours a day is enough, so I had 8 hours to spend my days energeticly,

Zoltán Erdős

    "I had several problems, such as: joint injuries, reflux, heart rhythm disturbance. I have taken alga for more than two years and all of these symptoms have disappeared.

    "What was important was a phenomenon that whatever I ever ate, I always felt that something else was missing. This was not a hunger, but a lack of sense, and the algae did so. And I'm starting to get the unnecessary pounds I get.

Bea Fügi:

    - Course + algae: My hands started to straighten (RA), I need less sleep, I'm much better off, my calcium level is restored and my food intolerances are gone.

Takácsné Marika

    "I've been eating alga for a month, and my feet seem to improve."

Ádzsa Dadus

    - I've been to you for a year since I've been taking algae since. I feel good, thank you, my knees have healed.

Tibor Bíró

    - latest effect / one and a half years of algae consumption /, twenty years ago the spine was already arranged without surgery. But sometimes there is always a problem, the pain has lasted for 8 to 10 days in the past two to three days and the pain is milder, all without medication!


    - After 8 months of algae, the lion patches disappeared from the face and neck of the 52-year-old nursery teacher, his legs did not hurt. Before he could not stand up, it was easier to get up.


    - It has been found that osteoarthritis / inflammation of the joints and / there is less wear on the bone. I first took muscle relaxants, painkillers, and joints, but none of them were worth it. There was still an Imune capsule at home. Now I've taken it for 1 week. I found that after the 4th day I was horrible to my hips and behind the knees and ankles, but today was much better. I could go without climbing up and up the stairs, I could sit for 30 minutes without hurting my hip and not getting up. I was able to walk 1 hour in this good time. I took 1 capsule for 3 days, now 2 days for 4 days.


Transplanted, patients are not recommended to use Imune algae because of their strong immune enhancing effect!




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