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Allergy Reviews

Allergy Reviews

Imune algae complex experiences, allergy reviews






Mariann Szabó and Miklós

    "The allergy season begins, long lasting allergy - with a blind eye and sore throat - did not last until last year, a one and a half years of algae.

Bíróné Marika

    - 20 years of allergy ceased after half a year of Imune! My energy is far more than before! Sometimes too much!

Anikó Petrik

    - My girlfriend's 92-year-old father said she was my daughter, so I had my abdominal pain and my leg pain, I just know why. We know it will be a year now to consume algae.

    - I've been algae for 1 year. I was allergic to about 8 years. I took 3 eyes of Imnue daily and this year I was not allergic.

    "Everyone who knows algae, sleeps far better in the night, does not break away in the daytime, their bloated feet no longer bloat, fat glands bump into the head.

    - 20 years of continuous therapy with thyroid gland Marika, you have been taking Imune for 1 year, and Dr. told him that such a good result has not been over the years like now.

Julia Puskas Graffagnini

    - algae + courses = lots of energy, allergy to the past

    - I resolve my conflicts, I take the 3 algae daily, mirror therapy = white wart on my right shoulder, red wart on my chest was apparently smaller in 1-2 weeks! Thanks, I'm on the right track!

László Erdei

    "I've been drinking algae for six months, and my allergy has disappeared. I do not have to go goat milk at pollen time anymore.

Tibor and Éva

    "I have to prove that after two weeks of skipping my allergy has returned, but how intensely. After a couple of days of rebuilding, everything was fine.


    - Thank you very much for the exhaustive answer! Anyway, my blood glucose levels are already between 4.6 and 5.6 without drugs. My asthma and my allergy are a thing of the past. I also try to get to a course.

    "Algae mixed in the ointment brought the wart under my right eye. That is, it's over.

Zsóka Molnár

    "I'm happy to share with you that after a year and a half of Imune's consumption, my husband's allergies have completely disappeared, my belts disappeared from my feet.


    - Our experience with algae, whose eczema was in the family, is over. Allergic symptoms were almost not all summer long, and his digestion came to an end, with whom the women's things are systematized. We are out of "epidemics". Our life is part of GNM's attitude with RéKaresz and we consume algae every day, we laugh a lot, we try to live unconditionally, accept and live without fear.



Transplanted, patients are not recommended to use Imune algae because of their strong immune enhancing effect!



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