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Cancer Disease Reviews

Cancer Disease Reviews

Imune algae is a complex tumor disease disorder





IMPORTANT! Immune algae complex is not a medicine, not a panacea, does not substitute for nutrition. Only the shortage of nutrients that our body uses for the self-healing process is being replaced. Since we are talking about a complex algae, it has a complex effect on our body, which greatly influences balanced healthy functioning.

Gyula Bíró

    Since April 2016 I have been taking 6 IMUNEs per day since I started kemo. My hair came back and became darker. My running eyes disappeared. My job description is much better than it used to be. Essence: I'm excited !!

    - Immediate result of the November course: I do not hurt my vascular feet and smooth the blood vessels!

    - Dear Karesz! Tonight I had two AHA experiences !!! Thanks!

Róbert Frigyesy

     - After diagnosing my wife's breast cancer, she was replaced by a personal consultation and initial training session with Karess, so she refused all of the oncology therapies, the astonishment of her doctor and produced negative control results after 3 months. Of course, he and his parents, our kids and our dog are also taking algae.

Anikó Petrik

    - A 35-year-old man had his own 2 egg-fat fat glands, which disappeared after a few boxes of algae, so he did not get off. However, a 50-year-old woman had more fat on her head, which, in turn, faded

    "Today a lady visited me and inquired about the product because she did not believe her eyes when she saw my brother Laci, whom she saw healthy, cheerful, cheerful, and last time they were together and prepared for the worst of death. Yes, it's been a very big change over the course of a year, since every month you consume 1 box of algae, and you always tell it you have not taken better yet, and you are very satisfied and happy

"My cousin also had a 3-cm knot in his left chest, and eating algae a lot smaller.

Mikita Maya

    - I'm going to "recover" from colon cancer. Second box of algae I take. I'm much more energetic than before.

Zoltán Frigyesy

 - My wife, after diagnosing her breast cancer, after personal consultation with Karess and the undergraduate course, put her in the head, so she refused all of the oncology therapies for the surprise of her doctor and produced negative control results in 3 months. Of course, he and his parents, our kids and our dog will also take algae.

Judge Marika and Gyula

    - I've been taking Imun for a year, after 6 o'clock after kemo. My strength has been restored in a month and a half, I am stronger than three years ago. + two basic courses, I was always watching.


    "I can not be grateful for the LIFE CHANGES I had previously received in Szeged. I could lose my colon tumor somewhere because they did not find it .... I just laugh at doctors ... and I avoid them. If I had taken the chemistry I would be dead. Thank you Kares and Réka

Marika and Gyula / Pécs (Imune for 1.5 years)

    - After chemotherapy, I've been taking Immune since April last year, six times a day. The algae have restored my biology. With German Medicine I found the cause of my problem, I can tell you why it happened to me. I was twice a course, the tangible result of November last year was that I did not hurt my viscera. In March this year, I watched the creation, I use it with more or less success. I am healthy, I have stopped my vitamins and wheat flour, it is not necessary.

Mr. Zsuzsi

    "I have taken alga for a year and a half. Each day 3 capsules of algae + gymnastics are 25-30 minutes. I've noticed a lot of changes. In the summertime, I always wear a jacket (athlete) under the blouse, now I do not need it. I'm so hot. At age 17 I became a tumor on my back (fat tumor), half-size. For 42 years I was very accustomed to be there, about a month and a half ago when I was bathing, it almost disappeared, hardly felt a bit, algae and exercises helped me. I was not cold since I took algae.



Transplanted, patients are not recommended to use Imune algae because of their strong immune enhancing effect!




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