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Psoriasis, eczema, wart, skin disease reviews

Psoriasis, eczema, wart, skin disease reviews

Imune algae complex experiences - Psoriasis, eczema, warts, skin diseases reviews






    - Our experience with algae, whose eczema was in the family, is over. Allergic symptoms were almost not all summer long, and his digestion came to an end, with whom the women's things are systematized. We are out of "epidemics". Our life is part of GNM's attitude with RéKaresz and we consume algae every day, we laugh a lot, we try to live unconditionally, accept and live without fear.

Éva Várhidi

- Old-age warts have fallen from algae (under the neck, under the breast)


"Algae mixed in the ointment brought the wart under my right eye. That is, it's over. Thank you very much for the exhaustive answer! Anyway, my blood glucose levels are already between 4.6 and 5.6 without drugs. My asthma and my allergy are a thing of the past. I also try to get to a course.


Great Veronica:

My skin problem lasting several years, which appeared on my upper arm in the form of blisters, has lasted for 4-5 months after the consumption of algae! Five years ago!

Makrainé Erika

- 3 months ago, I took Imune Algae 3x2, and in the days I noticed that the warts on my neck are fewer! I report that my thyroid gland is good too! I wait for the camp. Erika Makrainé: I've been taking the Algat for nearly 5 months, my fingers have disappeared, my thyroid function is excellent, my allergy is completely eliminated !!


Bokor Erna

- The worms on my thighs have passed by. 2 months after the algae. "There is no trace of my husband's allergies. He coughed, sneezed, blinking his nose. Erna Bokor - I was diagnosed with my high blood pressure in 2007, I have to take medicines all my life. My "autoimmune" thyroid disease is first over-then under-activated. I was very skeptical about the algae and started taking it cautiously, raising the dose gradually. All of my medicines (gradually) I could stop. From Algae (IMUNE) 3x2 I'm taking it continuously and nothing else. My sleep needs decreased for 5-6 hours, my load capacity is much higher. - the worms between the thighs have also disappeared completely 2 months ago.

Attila Kovács

"The warts of my hands disappeared in a couple of months, years ago, ultimately. Attila Kovács - I was a nail knife because of the algae, and it has not come since. Running worms are also.

Zsóka Molnár

- I take the alga from April, my lips did not crack. So far, I tried a lot of things, nothing helped. Thanks to the algae. "I had a recurrent inflammation of the middle ear before the algae, which was exhausted. It also ceased. It was recommended for surgery, I did not agree.

Laszlo Szabo

- 65-year-old woman - 6 weeks ago, 3 egg-sized shingles. One of them over the pancreas was begging. Daily cleansed with hydrogen peroxide, made clean algae algae daily. It is important every day to clean the wound and to put on a new bandage. The wound is peeled, now the open wound has dropped by 1/5, but there is very little. We know that only one of the body's bodies is used to call for a shingle.


- Strong itching and red patches on your tonsel, with your help and training, and alga thanks to a good improvement, just a little bit of red spots are gone

Mariann Szabó and Miklós

- The breasts (pretty large) after 1 year of algae take a good start, and then they have a brown skin underneath. The 68-year-old aunt had an orbán, her breast half palm, palm her back. Three weeks ago, she got a nice new skin. Its inflammation was due to mosquito bites, the expanded alga quickly repaired.


- I'm taking 2x2 capsules. Actually, I have been diagnosed with piriformis syndrome, so I started to take it, and eczema disappeared from my hands with pain reduction !!!

Gyula Bíró

Since April 2016 I have been taking 6 IMUNEs per day since I started kemo. My hair came back and became darker. My lungs disappeared, my wife had allergic symptoms. My job description is much better than it used to be. Essence: I'm excited !! - Immediate result of the November course: I do not hurt my vascular feet and smooth the blood vessels! - Dear Karesz! Tonight I had two AHA experiences !!! Thanks!

Anikó L.

- After 5 weeks of algae and Lourdes water drinking, my son's horn was reduced by 50% and my deep vein thrombosis became much more tolerable.

Julia Puskas Graffagnini

- algae + courses = a lot of energy, allergy to the past - I resolve my conflicts, I take 3 algae daily, mirror therapy = white wart on my right shoulder, red wart on my chest was apparently smaller in 1-2 weeks! Thanks, I'm on the right track!

Hergott Rodrigo

"My colleague has been trying to wipe the wart on his hands for several years in various ways, failed. She has taken alga for 1 month and disappeared without a trace!

Tibor Margó of Suhaj

- I've been eating Algat for 3 months, I lost 10 pounds, I became more active, my worms faded and ran out of my baby's eyes. My blood sugar levels have decreased and my cholesterol level is low. Thanks!


     - After 8 months of algae, the lion patches disappeared from the face and neck of the 52-year-old nursery teacher, his legs did not hurt. Before he could not stand up, it was easier to get up.




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