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Infertility, Gynecological Reviews - Algae Complex

Infertility, Gynecological Reviews - Algae Complex

Imune algae complex experiences - Infertility, gynecological problems, opinions






Bears Edit Mariann:

"The algae have solved my infertility. After 1 year of unsuccessful attempt, I took the Imune Capsule for 6 weeks when I was informed about the arrival of the third child. Among the three blessed states, I am the one most presently thanks to the algae.



- After 8 months of severe bleeding for a long period of time, medicines stopped with medication after 2-3 months of algae spraying: could the effect of algae be? (52 years old)


Róbert Frigyesy:

- Recent experience: Menopause failed after 2 weeks of 3x2 dose: - D: -D: -D


Pink Regina

- Dear Karesz! I mean, the menstrual cramps completely ceased :) Of course, the courses had to be taken. I thank you and Réka for the help and the helpless words from the heart


Hergott Rodrigo

 - My gynecological complaints have disappeared after a few weeks of algae taking! - A 72 year old lady in front of my acquaintance front faced an extraordinary headache. Algae has been taken 2 months ago, its sensation is completely eliminated!

- The hot waves of my acquaintance after a couple of weeks of getting married suddenly disappeared! - The middle-aged lady's acquaintance's vaginal dryness lasted for a couple of weeks.


Anita, Gabriel

    - Dear Kares, our 51-year-old friend, we offered alga from spring. He does not eat healthily, works with dangerous dye at work, he is now blood-fed and his blood is fantastic. Surprised and the climax hot flashes have disappeared.




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