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Dialysis, kidney disease, reviews - Algae Complex

2018. 01. 29. 14:12:21
Dialysis, kidney disease, reviews - Algae Complex

Imune algae complex experiences - Dialysis, kidney disease, reviews


Dialysis, severe kidney disease  -  1 capsule per day!






     "My son was in the age of eighteen, and the urologist said in his whole life it will be a remedy ..... I've known alga, 7 years ago, and my son is now unmistakable !!!


Laszlo Filótás

    - My godfather took 1 dial of algae daily and healed dialysis and his lab results improved nicely!


Dr. Boros Judit

    - I have already been treating patients with 3 algae daily with algae! One has already put the Shimino fistula in vain, but I asked them to wait. After 1 month, the 10 GFR 20 became!

Barnáné Marika

    - I've written about my girlfriend's 92-year-old dad. Your urine is clear, your appetite is back, your memory is much better, you are in a wheelchair, but you are walking by yourself and you will not take any of your 16 drugs

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